Best Way to Give Your Landlord Notice That You are Moving.

breaking leaseSo you must let your landlord know that you are moving prior to the end of your lease term. There’s actually a great semi-formal method of calling it quits with your tenancy: a move-out letter. By sending your landlord a letter, you can clearly announce your intention to move and highlight your rights and responsibilities before you do.

Here is what you should cover in your letter to your landlord:

1. Be Clear About Your Move.

Just like when ending a romantic relationship, you don’t want to waffle or give the other party some reason to doubt the message you’re communicating. Don’t write that you’re “thinking about” or “considering” moving out. Be very blunt in the beginning of your letter that you are moving out on a specific date.

Your lease may require you to send this letter to your landlord before deciding not to renew, or require that you give notice 30 days ahead of your move. So make sure to review it.

2. Explain Your Move (If You Want To).

You don’t have to tell your boss why you’re quitting or your ex why you dumped him or her, so it doesn’t really matter if you tell your landlord why you’re moving out. It may be legally relevant if you’re still locked into a year-long lease to explain why you’re leaving before the term of the lease is over.

Explaining that dangerous conditions in the apartment are what caused you to move out may dissuade your landlord from suing you over breaking your lease.

3. Include a Reminder About Your Security Deposit.

Although your move-out letter should help you cut ties with your landlord, you still want to remind him or her of the remaining obligation to refund your security deposit. Highlight that the rental unit is in the same condition as when you moved in, if not better.

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