New Rules For Building Registration

rentingNew York City’s  Department of Housing Preservation and Development requires owners of multiple dwellings to register their buildings with the department annually. Before this recent change, different buildings would register at different times. Now all buildings covered by the law — generally buildings that have three or more rental apartments — must register with the department by Sept. 1 of each year. Registration also must be renewed whenever ownership changes or whenever the information on the registration changes — like, for example, a new managing agent is hired.

Registration requires contact information for the owner, management agency, or on-site management, as well as emergency contact information. The new registration rules also require e-mail addresses for the managing agent, owner, and a 24-hour contact person.

If a building does not file a valid property registration on the due date, a violation may be issued and the owner may be liable for civil penalties.  In addition, the owner will not be allowed to start an eviction action to recover the premises for nonpayment of rent. Thus, it is crucial to pay careful attention to this deadline. 


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