Beware! The Highballer!

For a homeowner contemplating putting his home on the market the moment of truth is determining the right price. Over the past year, many of my clients who have finally sold, have expressed their frustration with the fact that the real estate agent they initially listed with gave them the impression that they could sell for a higher price. In retrospect, after the home sat for 6 months without any activity, the agent then sought to re-list with a lower price. Better to list at a realistic price with a competent real estate agent at the outset. The agent may not be telling you what you want to hear when he explains the market value, however he is merely doing his job in an effort to assist you with the sale. In the long run, you will benefit more from this approach. Just ask all those sellers sitting with their homes on the market after being “highballed”.

The Law Office of William J. Reinhardt, Jr. is available to represent sellers and buyers in NY and NJ. I nay be reached at 718-377-8880 or at to arrange for a free consultation.

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