Many take first step to protect their families with an estate plan!

Yesterday’s Estate Planning Seminars were a great success. Those that attended got to hear why it is so important for everyone to have a an estate plan to assure that their family has a clear path to follow in the event they become incapacitated or die. An added benefit to all was to hear from two guest speakers that I asked to be there to handle questions on issues like long term care insurance, disability insurance,life insurance, estate taxes and investment management issues that tie in so very closely with the need for an overall estate plan. Both Robert Mastrandrea, CPA and President of East Coast Wealth Management, Inc. (973)396-8626 and Christopher Fernan, certified financial planner (631)943-6647, shared there many years of experience in their complex fields as financial advisors.  While the information presented gave all in attendance much to think about, by coming out to this informative event, they did in fact take THE FIRST STEP.  They all left there realizing the importance of getting their plan in order. Many have already scheduled an appointment for their individual free consultation.

For those who were unable to attend additional upcoming seminars will be posted shortly. Why not TAKE THE FIRST STEP for your family by signing up at that time.

Contact the Law Offices of William J. Reinhardt, Jr. at 718-377-8880 to schedule your appointment for a free consultation to discuss your plan.

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