Are Living Trusts Filed Anywhere?

You may think that a document as important as a living trust would be required to be filed with the Court or at the County Register’s office. This is not the case. Thus, it is crucial that you keep this document in a safe secure fireproof location such as a safe. Make sure that the person who will be the trustee in the event of your death knows the location of this document and if stored in a safe, that he or she can get access to this safe.

Wills on the other hand may be filed with the Surrogates Court for safekeeping since the document must be presented there eventually when you die. Most clients opt to hold onto their wills in the same manner as those that have living trusts.

It is also important to leave a list of assets and liabilities with the living trust together with instructions on burial and any other issues that will better direct the one you are counting on properly and efficiently carry out your wishes.

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