Attorney General zooming in on LegalZoom

We have all seen the TV commercials of the famous attorney from the O.J. Simpson trial Robert Shapiro promoting his company claiming “We put the law on your side”. Now complaints have been lodged with the Attorney General’s office in Washington by consumers who claim that they have been misled to believe that the service they received by purchasing their will online at was the equivalent to the result they would have received had they had gone to an attorney for the same legal service. The Attorney General’s office has released the following statement: “LegalZoom offers do-it-yourself legal documents online but can’t provide you with legal advice or tell you which forms to fill out“. They went on to state ‘”Legalzoom can’t compare its’ costs to attorneys’ fees unless  it clearly discloses that its’ service is not a substitute for a law firm”.  Finally he states If consumers need individualized advice about estate planning legal documents, they are well advised to consult an attorney“.

This may sound self serving coming from an attorney, but it is so true. If you had a cavity in a tooth, you wouldn’t try to figure out how to fill it on your own. So why when planning for the distribution of your assets to your family when you are gone, would you try to take a less expensive shortcut and jeopardize your desired results for your family once you are gone.

The Law Office of William J. Reinhardt, Jr. has been providing families with estate planning solutions individualized to their needs for over 25 years. The first appointment is always free. Call 718-377-8880 or send an e-mail to to schedule your appointment.

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